When God is Sleeping


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I cannot rest if you are resting
I cannot test if you are testing.

I cannot sleep if you are sleeping
I cannot stop, if you are stopping

I need you there,
To stand on guard,
And keep us safe.
So I can rest,
And take my test.
So I can sleep,
Or stop, at best.

He has been beside me throughout our ordeal. As hard as my kids lean on me, I lean harder on him. I panic if he shows any signs of tiring of his post. I don’t blame him for being so tired. He could leave any time. Many men do.

He doesn’t need us. But we sure need him!

How many friends and family have left me now? Too many to count. They are always leaving. And if they don’t leave, I push them away to avoid the inevitable loss. Maybe I push him away too. But he is still here.

And sometimes sleeping.

I think God must be a little like my husband.
He must need his sleep too.

He must have been sleeping.
While our kids were being raped.


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