Walking home from school with SKippy


Skippy (excitedly, and loudly): A new Xbox game is coming out today and bla bla bla (I tune out…then hear the word violence)
Skippy: It’s probably only 10 percent violent
Me: is it violence or action?
Skippy: Violence. Sometime rated E10 games put in some blood. I like it!
Me: sigh…I worry about that. I worry that seeing all that blood will desensitize you to when people are really bleeding and hurt.
Skippy: (without skipping a beat) Yeah, that’s what happened to Mr. Hill.
Me: Who is Mr. Hill?
Skippy: PE Teacher. He always tells us we are not *really* hurt, to just rub some dirt on it and move on.
Me: Sounds like you feel Mr. Hill minimizes your pain when you get hurt.
Skippy: I’m pretty sure he plays a lot of rated T games…(as he runs off to catch up with kids he knows).


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